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Jewellery – nakit

Tie clips – kopče za kravatu


For centuries the tie has been a popular fashion accessory. From formal to everyday use, the tie quickly became a regular guest on shirt collars. Nowadays, designers offer a large variety of colors, materials and dimensions when it comes to ties.

On the other hand, tie pins aren’t as used as ties themselves. Tie pins are rarely mentioned in history. They are mostly worn by rich, powerful people as a sign of wealth. Nowadays, tie pins are mostly used for positioning the tie and therefore eliminate any unwanted movement.

Unfortunately, most tie pins on the market are very boring. With this collection we are offering You a new and different product that will surely fit your personality. Eighteen different designs, made of gold, silver or gold-plated metal will hopefully satisfy your need for change.

Enjoy your new fashion accessory that will surely reflect your personality. After all, the tie pin is the only piece of jewelry that is exclusively made for men…

Necklaces – ogrlice

Dvije velike grupe – novo dizajnirane ogrlice i one od recikliranih materijala. Svaki komad je unikatan, uglavnom ručni rad i napravljen sa jasnom namjerom da bude sasvim drugačiji od svega drugog.



Materijali i njihove kombinacije su neobični – plexy sa pozlatom, bakrene verižnjače polirane i niklane, pozlaćeni mesingani zupčanici ili niklani mesing i bakar u kombinaciji..

Stare vilice iz kraja 19. i početka 20. stoljeća, od srebra ili alpake, brušene, polirane savijene i posrebrene postaju zanimljiv i provokativan komad nakita.

Earrings – naušnice

Naušnice su izrađene od laserski rezanog plexy-a ovješenog na posrebrene udice. Također, reciklirane naušnice izrađene su od raznih obrađenih dijelova kompjutera i drugih aparata.


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